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Birthdate:Nov 19
Location:Moscow, Russian Federation

I absolutely love harry/draco ferret fics and would be ever so chuffed if you wrote me one ♥ ♥ ♥<=== this was [profile] parlophone hijacking my journal! Am leaving it here to remind me of human deviousness :)

Here is something about our coexistence (in case you want to try).

You can friend or unfriend me as you feel like without informing me or asking my permission. I don’t think of LJ in the terms of friendship (although some people on my friend-list are really my friends). It’s all about reading - whomever I find interesting or whose ponderings I believe to be entertaining for me. I friend and unfriend people only according to my current reading preferences. Here I'm solely interested in fandom, so I don't friend back the journals that contain much RL or lots of quizzes. On the whole, I don't friend back many people 'cos I also have RL and other interests so I can't spend all day long on reading flist, however enjoyable it might be.

No posts are locked, it’s not my secret diary. Anyone can comment. I appreciate politeness ‘cos it helps us to not kill each other but I don’t require it; I prefer honesty.

I express my thoughts here the way I like. I love slash. I often talk about fanfiction and sex. Many topics are NC-17. So if you are underage, better stay away for our mutual lack of problems.

SafeSurf Rated Adults Only

Also, English isn’t my native language and my grammar can hurt your sensitive soul.

As you might notice, this is a fandom journal. I was monofandomous for a long time but then started foraying in non-HP fandoms. I suspect that their number and variety will only grow.

Lord of the Rings FPF recs: slash, gen

Pirates of the Carribean recs

Pet Shop of Horrors recs

Jeeves and Wooster recs

My favourite manga and yaoi

Anime/manga fandoms: fanfiction recs (Petshop of Horrors, Eroica, Death Note)

What I like and dislike in fanfiction

And now for Harry Potter.

My big project is making searches for and compiling long thematic lists of HP fanfiction:

Lists are divided into sub-groups.

Magical Beings arc:
Werewolves in HP fiction
Rare magical beings in HP fiction
The Elf-Fic Directory
, compiled by [profile] peacoquettish with some help of yours truly.
Harry Potter Vampire Fic Master List, compiled by [personal profile] katfusion
Veela fics, collected by [personal profile] irana
Harry or Draco as Veela and/or other magical creature, compiled by [personal profile] alicambs

Voldemort arc:
Defeat Voldie 101
Vodemort possesses somebody's body
"Voldemort won" scenario
Dark Lord Harry (Severus, Lucius, etc)


"Family life arc":
Same-sex marriage in HP fiction: A through I
Same-sex marriage in HP fiction: L through Z
MPreg fiction (sorted alphabetically: A through G)
MPreg fiction (sorted alphabetically: H through O)
MPreg fiction (sorted alphabetically: P through Z)
MPreg fiction, sorted by pregnant person. Part 1: Harry Potter
MPreg fiction, sorted by pregnant person. Part 2: Draco Malfoy
MPreg fiction, sorted by pregnant person. Part 3: Severus Snape
MPreg fiction, sorted by pregnant person. Part 4: Others
Childhood of canon characters. A through K
Childhood of canon characters. L through Z
Childhood in HP fiction. Part 2 (where canon characters have (grand)children)
Bonds in HP fiction (A through K)
Bonds in HP fiction (L through Z)
Growing old


Formalist's Corner:
Bystander fics
Dialogue-only HP fics
Non-linear HP fics
Epistolary fiction in HP fandom


For your kinky pleasure:
Severitus Incest/Snarry Severitus
Glory holes
Polyjuiced and bodyswap sex
Parseltongue and Parselsmut
Gender-bending HP fics
Slavery in HP fiction. A through L
Slavery in HP fiction. M through Z
Cross-dressing in HP fiction
Needles in HP fic (BDSM, medical, torture, and other)
Sex toys
Necrophilia fiction in HP fandom
Come untouched: HP fiction featuring orgasm without direct stimulation
Prostitution fiction in HP fandom
Autoerotic fiction in HP fandom
Voyeurism in HP fiction


General themes:
Jobs Arc:
Therapy and soul healing
Artists, writers, musicians in HP fiction
Odd/rare jobs
Alternate dimensions in HP fics
James and/or Lily live(s)
Polyjuice and bodyswap. Part 2
Fics where religion plays a big part
Obliviation fics
Somebody rescues Harry from the Dursleys
Sorted into a different house: alphabetical
Sorted into a different house: by character, part 1: Harry, Draco
Sorted into a different house: by character, part 2: others
Hogwarts Founders
Exotic locations in HP fiction. Real places, A through L
Exotic locations in HP fiction. Real places, M through Z
Shakespearean HP fics
Time travel in HP fic: A through L
Time travel in HP fic: M through Z
Living as/like a Muggle. A through L
Living as/like a Muggle. M through Z
Living as a Muggle.Addendum: Muggle / Non-Magic AUs
Drinking games/contests/dares/bets in HP fiction
Detective fics in HP fandom
Weather and seasons in HP fanfiction
Tattoo and piercing in HP fanfiction
Animals in HP fanfiction (non-bestiality). Part 1: pets, familiars, work with animals
Animals in HP fanfiction (non-bestiality). Part 2. People turned into animals, and Part 3: Both of the above and dubia
Afterlife. Part 1: Ghosts
Afterlife. Part 2: Limbo. Portraits/Statues. Other
Disability fiction. Part 1: blindness, deafness or/and muteness.
Disability fiction. Part 2: impotence, physically handicapped [arms, hands, legs].
Disability fiction. Part 3: amnesia, insanity, aphasia, stuttering.
Disability fiction. Part 4: cancer, poisoning, HIV/AIDS, paralysis, cerebral palsy, coma, catatonia, narcolepsy, multiple, unspecified; related materials.

Themed lists compiled by others.
Here you'll find: (Attempted) suicide stories; Complete Severitus stories; Christmas-themed fics; Slash meta-fic; Long list of chan fics; Narcophilia (somnophilia) fics; Double penetration fics; Breathplay fics; Bondage & BDSM rec list; Bestiality fics; Water Sports; Body-switch and gender-switch; Emotionally/mentally messed-up characters; Darkfics; HP/pop fandom x-overs; Fics where Harry dies while still at Hogwarts; Dark Harry fics; HP/SS Legilimency fics; Harry or Draco as Veela; Harry on a chocolate frog card; Animagus fics; A cure for lycanthropy; HP/SS Vampire List; D/s fics where Draco, Snape or Lucius are submissive; Harry as royalty; Harry goes back in time to his younger self; Discipline fics, and MANY MORE.
Please, don't ask me to re-make some of them myself 'cos I'd do it better. Because, duh! It's impolite at best. I don't know whether they are updated regularly or not and which of them are. But in any case there are lots of fics on each of them. I don't include here the attempts of themed lists that didn't collect a lot of fics. All these lists have different structures, but usually the compilers explain their principles.

If you're interested in doing something like this on your own, here is my How To Guide: Themed Lists.


Pairing masterlists:
Masterlist of Sirius/Draco fiction

Lockhart Slash Masterlist.

The Rarest of the Rare (human/non-sentient being).


I keep three on-going (no deadline) challenges: 1) Snape is straight; 2) SS/HP/DM challenge and 3) Snape pursues Harry. The full info (in case you want to take part) and the list of the fics written in response to them is here. Sheer delight, have a look!

Masterlist of Rec Old Fic meme. Have a look; there are lots of old favourites recced by various people.


As for somewhat official stuff, I'm one of the submissions mods at Walking The Plank (A SS/HP Archive)

and co-mod, together with [personal profile] tarie, an HP rec community [profile] crack_broom.

Once in a while I take requests and make Five recs on a requested theme. Here they are.

My Harry Potter recs have moved

Please update your bookmarks!

What you’ll find here

These are my recs of HP fiction. I can’t possibly write reviews of all my favourite fics, so I’ll go through my HP folders and pick up everything I loved, liked, found interesting or amusing, and put it all here. And where I did write a rec, I’ll add it.

I should say it at once that of course no, it’s not everything that I liked. For my regret, I often have to read things when I can’t bookmark them, so, most likely, I’ve lost and forgotten another couple of dozens of stories I did enjoy.

Fics are sorted by pairing, then by length within a pairing group, and further within - in alphabetical order.

Rec ’stars’ mean only the extent of my love; there are no fics I didn’t like here.

## — love to bits
# — like very much or consider very interesting
[] — rather like

AU stands for Alternate Universe (also for Alternate Reality ‘cos people use these terms as often interchangeable); WIP means ‘Work in progress’.

Once again, there’s NO fiction I didn’t like here or stories that didn’t work for me. Here, whether with # or not, are only fics I like picked up from several thousands of HP fics that I’ve read. I’m not joking, they were, indeed, that much.

This list, naturally, reflects my personality and my preferences only. I don’t pretend to be objective.

Consider yourself warned: there may be warnings in the fic-info here and may be not. I’m not particularly easy to squick; I read everything and anything, even the things I don’t usually like. I’ll add warnings when I remember but I’m not sure I always will remember. So here you can find: chan, character death and afterlife, rape and violence, BDSM, MPreg and weddings, bestiality and cross-dressing and incest, and many, many other things one can find squicky or disturbing. Tread with care.

I. SLASH. Severus Snape/Harry Potter. Part 1: Long fics.
Severus Snape/Harry Potter. Part 2: Medium-length fics.
Severus Snape/Harry Potter. Part 3: Short fics.

II. SLASH. Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy.
III. SLASH. Severus Snape/Remus Lupin.
IV. SLASH. Severus Snape/Sirius Black.
V. SLASH. Severus Snape/Other.
VI. SLASH. Severus Snape/Various.

VII. SLASH. Sirius Black/Remus Lupin.

VIII. SLASH. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Part 1: Long fics.
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Part 2: Medium-length fics.
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Part 3: Short fics.

IX. SLASH. Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy.
X. SLASH. Harry Potter/Sirius Black.
XI. SLASH. Harry Potter/Remus Lupin.
XII. SLASH. Harry Potter/Ron Weasley.
XIII. SLASH. Harry Potter/Voldemort or Tom Riddle.
XIV. SLASH. Harry Potter/other.
XV. SLASH. Harry Potter/various.

XVI. SLASH. Ron Weasley/Draco Malfoy.

XVII. SLASH. Incest pairings.

XVIII. SLASH. Other pairings.

XIX. Multiple slash pairings.

XX. SLASH. Threesomes.

XXI. Epilogue generation fic.

XXII. Het.


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